Welcome to A Con Man! It's the only approved by TFL.org fanlisting for a charming FBI consultant Neal Caffrey from hit TV Show "White Collar". You can find this fanlisting in the category Characters: TV (here).

Neal Caffrey is a skilled forger and thief who was imprisoned after being captured by FBI Special Agent Peter Burke. After his girlfriend, Kate, visits him in jail to end their relationship, Neal escapes from prison in order to find her, but Peter quickly recaptures him. Neal proposes he become an FBI consultant, leading to Neal's release on the condition he wears an ankle monitor monitoring his movements. Neal uses his new position with the FBI to search for Kate, whom he believes is in trouble. Neal also appears to have considerable knowledge of history, jewelry and the arts, such as literature, Western paintings and opera even though it is revealed early in season two that he never graduated from high school. Despite being given the opportunity to build a new, honest life for himself, Neal often craves his old life, forcing him to make a choice between the two. Neal's father was a corrupt police officer; Neal was raised by his mother.

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