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Alex met Neal when she arrived at an appointment with Vincent Adler, who held a great interest in the music box she was looking for. She singled him out and pointed out that he set her up, and he replied by telling her that it was his job to catch her, and her job to not get caught. She then asked him out for drinks and slept with him hours later. She told him about the music box and tried to steal it with him in Copenhagen, but they got caught. Neal had to leave her in a French hospital because she was wounded. When she next got in touch with Neal, she refused to work with him, stating that it was because he was working for the FBI as a consultant, although the real reason may be because she felt betrayed that he'd abandoned her back in France. Before she left in the episode 'Copycat Caffrey,' she gave him a piece of the music box that she'd gotten the first time they tried to steal the box, and told him that, "Kate's gone, but the rest of us are still here,\" before kissing him and saying goodbye. She later gave her number to Neal in the episode 'Point Blank' in a gesture of friendship.

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