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 Bones: Angela Montenegro  Bones: Camille Saroyan  Bones: Caroline Julian  Bones: Jack Hodgins  Bones: Seeley Booth  Bones: Temperance Brennan  Bones: Wendell Bray  Bones: Zack Eddy  Castle: Alexis Castle  Castle: Kate Beckett  Castle: Richard Castle  Charmed: Chris  Charmed: Cole Turner  Charmed: Leo Wyatt  Charmed: Paige Matthews  Charmed: Phoebe Halliwell  Charmed: Piper Halliwell  Charmed: Prue Halliwell  Charmed: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell  Chuck: Chuck Bartowski  Chuck: John Casey  Chuck: Sarah Walker  Desperate Housewives: Bree Van De Kamp  Desperate Housewives: Gabrielle Solis  Desperate Housewives: Lynnett Scavo  Glee: Artie  Glee: Brittany  Glee: Finn Hudson  Glee: Jessie St. James  Glee: Kurt Hammel  Glee: Puck  Glee: Quinn Fabray  Glee: Rachel Berry  Glee: Santana Lopez  Glee: Sue Sylvester  Glee: Will Schuester  Heroes: Claire Bennet  Heroes: Elle Bishop  Heroes: Hiro Nakamura  Heroes: Isaac Mendez  Heroes: Matt Parkman  Heroes: Nathan Petrelli  Heroes: Noah Bennet  Heroes: Peter Petrelli  Heroes: Sylar  Lost: Alex  Lost: Boone  Lost: Charlie Pace  Lost: Claire Littleton  Lost: Daniel Faraday  Lost: Desmonde Hume  Lost: Hurley  Lost: Jack Sheppard  Lost: John Locke  Lost: Juliet Burke  Lost: Kate Austen  Lost: Man in black  Lost: Sawyer  Lost: Shannon  Lost: Vincent  Monk: Adrian Monk  Murder, She Wrote: Jessica Fletcher  NUMB3RS: Charles Eppes  Pretty Little Liars: Aria  Prison Break: Michael Scofield  Psych: Carlton Lassiter  Psych: Juliet O'Hara  Psych: Shawn Spencer  Scrubs: Carla  Scrubs: Elliot Reid  Scrubs: John Dorian  Scrubs: Perry Cox  Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes  Skins: Cassie  Smallville: Chloe Sullivan  Smallville: Clark Kent  Smallville: Lex Luthor  Smallville: Lois Lane  The Mentalist: Patrick Jane  The Mentalist: Teresa Lisbon  V: Erica Evans  V: Kyle Hobbes  Veronica Mars: Logan  Veronica Mars: Veronica  White Collar: Neal Caffrey  White Collar: Peter Burke 

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